Monday, February 11, 2008

Spiderwick Goblins


Alrighty, here's the first round of Spiderwick anims. These little green dudes were fun characters--both to animate and to whack around in the game. They're basically bouncing balls with teeth.

A lot of these anims probably could use another layer of polish, but often times a tight schedule doesn't allow for as much polish time as we'd like. This really trains us to be efficient at picking our battles and knowing when to spend that extra time and when to just bang something out and move on.

For example, player-controlled anims, esp. main combos and run cycles tend to be considered more important because not only do you see it a lot in the game, they have to feel good as well as look good. Hit-reacts, strafes, get-ups, and back-to-idle-pose anims are usually a bit lower on the totem pole. All of this is fine--it's just another form of problem solving, and I'd rather do that than to be in production on a single title for 5+ years!


Rini Sugianto said...

looks good tj!! you're good on those action animation :D
but yeah i understand how that time constraint make you can't do polished stuff :(

Saul Ruiz said...

Solid Tj! Man.. i want to frame by frame it and learn something. Sweet work man, i cant wait to see more of it!

TJ Phan said...

Thanks guys:)

jeff said...

these rock! love the timing

jeff said...

btw..who has a job for 5 years in this industry?

TJ Phan said...

hmm...good point.