Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles

This was the last game I worked on at Stormfront Studios. It's based off the movie and should appeal to a younger audience (10-12 years).

This was definitely an interesting project to work on. We had a smaller development team and a production cycle that was just under 1 year. Despite the tight schedule, I had a lot of fun on this one, esp. from an animation standpoint. It was a welcomed change of pace from the all the T-rated combat stuff I was doing on past projects.

Now that the game is finally shipping, I'll be posting a good chunk of new stuff soon--that is if I'm not too busy playing Devil May Cry 4. Stay tuned!


Nikki Lukas said...

Oooo so this is what you were working on. Nice! i can't wait to see the animations

jeff said...

so that's the top secret project...post those anims!

Anonymous said...

Hey TJ,

Nice to hear from you and I love the animation. It's great to see the old SJSU stuff.

Saul Ruiz said...

Awesome Man... I can't wait to see the posts Tj. Devil Man awaits though... enjoy some of the down time! Take care TJ!