Sunday, August 23, 2009

Junior Guardians

Back when Final Fantasy X ruled our nights. Here are some quick paint-overs of the kids as characters from the Square Enix game, just for fun.

Daughter and her friend as Rikku and Yuna.

Nehpew as Auron.

Little nephew as Wakka.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rohan Rig: Quick update

I've updated Rohan's FKIK matching scripts to work with namespaces and referencing (through the picker). FKIK matching will now work with multiple characters in a scene. Thanks goes out to Jeremiah Grant for showing me how to do this.

Just download the rig again for the updated scripts.

NOTE: I've changed the rotation order on the weapon controllers. If you're in the middle of an animation, you could just manually change the rotation order back to the default xyz.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Dante's Inferno Gameplay Footage

Here's some more gameplay footage from Comic-Con.

This is King Minos, one of the earlier bosses in the game. I worked on him alongside 2 other animators. I animated the first "button-press mini-game" sequence where Dante stabs him in the eye. I also did a few other anims, including the swipe attacks and the palm slam (not fist pound). (Hopefully I'll have time to polish more:))

Kyle Winkelman
was responsible for Minos's awesome bad-breath attack, and Colin O'Conner master-minded the gruesome face-split finisher, as well as the fist pound attacks.

In this clip, I animated the mini-game sequence of the big dude (Phlegyas) coming out of the water. The sequence starts with the hand and ends with the roar. For these mini-game sequences I get to control the camera as well. I also animated Phlegyas as he's attacking in the background (except for the final fire-breath attack).

All of Dante's slick second-to-second combat animation was handle by Tristan Sacramento. Every other animator gets to animate Dante if he/she is doing a paired attack with that animator's ememy character(s).

This is the same sequence as the one in the previous video. The audio from the game is more clear here, but the video capture might be too dark to see what's going on.

Things are busy of course, but so far I'm having a lot of fun on this project. Stay tuned for more vids and death-dealin' as they are released to the public!