Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rohan Rig: Quick update

I've updated Rohan's FKIK matching scripts to work with namespaces and referencing (through the picker). FKIK matching will now work with multiple characters in a scene. Thanks goes out to Jeremiah Grant for showing me how to do this.

Just download the rig again for the updated scripts.

NOTE: I've changed the rotation order on the weapon controllers. If you're in the middle of an animation, you could just manually change the rotation order back to the default xyz.


Malath said...

easy enough to pick up MEL?

TJ Phan said...

i'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to learn if time is dedicated (at least for the basics). at the moment, i'm still a copy-past-and-tweak type scripter:)

though not necessary, i think it's a good skill to have as an animator. until i learn more, i have to bribe my td friends with coffee if i ever need a custom mel.

Malath said...

Think am gonna start looking into it.
I have done coding in the past and I hope it will help me get a job in the industry!

Michael Richard said...

actually picked up your rig last week, TJ. It's looking really great! I can't wait until you get those facial controls in there.

I had a question/comment about how you do your hip/lower spine joint system. So do you find that having rotation and translation on the main root ctrl easier than splitting it out to 2 different ctrls?

It's just my personal work flow, but usually the hip and Spine A will have the same rotation axis and I will do all my main body rots off those 2, and then the trans of the body will be separated out to another ctrl. For layering, you might want to consider putting some micro ctrls on the root. By that, I mean like separate inner and outter ctrls.

oh and by the way,I love the finger setup. I think I'm going to try to push that setup here. =)

Later Super-Awesome-TJ!

TJ Phan said...

Interesting, Michael. I think I'll have to say I'd still prefer having both translation and rotation on one controller instead of separating them out. Maybe I just started this way and I'm used to it, but I still prefer fewer controllers whenever possible. However, I definitely see the advantages of having additional controllers for more layers. Always a tricky balance, huh?!--More controllers for layering...or fewer controllers to keep track of...

Michael Richard said...

Hey TJ! Happy holidays!

I just wanted to let you know that for some reason the R_foot_IK_CON does not want to rotate. I've gone through my limited knowledge of rigs, and tried various other rotation methods but it just doesn't want to rotate. It will translate, but not rotate.

All the FK ctrls for the R-foot do work and rotate properly.

I'm going to download the rig again, but my version is the same as the most current one posted.

I hope all is well, later!


TJ Phan said...

Michael, this glitch you're talking about is definitely odd. I have yet to see it on any of the machines I've tested it on, though a few other people have told me about it.

I've had a couple of other riggers take a quick look at it but could easily see what the problem was.

I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but I'm using v2008 and not v9. Still, why would only one foot be wiggin' out for you. I think the only way I'd have a chance to fix it is if I rebuild the rig, but unfortunately, I don't see myself having any free time in the near future.

Sorry man. But if you're able to get someone to figure this out, definitely let me know!

Happy holidays, btw!

Satz said...

I am new to animating characters. The proxy of the rig is so amazing. I wish if the facials were rigged then the rig would be complete. I have seen your other comments too. I know that you work in your free time. However, I request you to complete the facials also. IT IS AN AMAZING REALISTIC CHARACTER.