Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Indy Storm

This is an old student film...purely for laughs:)

Anyone want to see some bad animation? Here's one of my first 3D films that was created during my 2 semester in computer animation, right after I learned how to create a nurbs sphere with a phong shader.

Each student was responsible for all aspects of their individual films. This included concept, storyboards, setting a production schedule with milestones, pitching it, all modelling, rigging, animation, lighting, any post-effects, audio, and editing.

This little spoof is intended as a mock advertisement. I took bits and pieces from the Jurassic Park soundtrack and spliced them together for the audio. The logo is just a series of Photoshop'd images. I grew up with Indy and Nikes, so I had a lot of fun with this piece. In the end, though, I'm pretty sure I didn't schedule enough time for animation:)

---We all had to start somewhere.
---With a little bit of hard work, we can improve.
---We should spend less time layering endless bump maps on stalagtites and spend more time on animation.


Saul Ruiz said...

dude this is awesome for a student short... you can totally tell you had the skills to pay the bills. Really awesome TJ... thanks for sharing!

TJ Phan said...

hahaha--cool. i was actually pretty hesitant about showing this one. Shoot--i was thinking about taking it down today. then i thought again, we all had to start somewhere--it's all good for a laugh:)

a lot of us at work are digging up old stuff from school to show and tell. haha--good times!

hey, the new AM reel is off the hook btw!

Nikki Lukas said...

haha this is awesome tj, thanks for sharing!

TJ Phan said...

ah yieah! ready for the SJSU Duck Gallery?

Chris Palmer said...

morals that never stop ringing true! nice work. and thanks for posting.

TJ Phan said...

thanks for viewing, Chris. and i just visited your blog--you got some nice drawings!