Sunday, August 31, 2008

Indy Storm Animatic

This was the animatic for the film in the previous post. Again, this was done back at school.

Cutting storyboards together with audio definitely helps with planning...though it didn't seem to help my animation at the time. :)


Darrin said...

hey I like your animation work. I'm actually trying to learn animation, modeling. However I really want to learn animation but I think modeling its important for me because I want to create my own characters.

My ultimate goal (right now) is to make a very cool martial arts short because I really want to do action animation. Do you have any advice & know of a rig that lends itself greatly to learning 3d animation for fighting????

Well thanks

TJ Phan said...

Darrin! You sound like me--I love the action stuff--too many kung-fu flics as a kid I guess. I agree--modelling and rigging could definitely be cool as it lets you make your own rigs. I'm actually in the process of creating a new character to animate with, but it's going somewhat slowly due to time contraints (and my ability to model).

Check out these links for free rigs:


Darrin said...

hey, thanks.