Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here are the thumbnails I did for the last anim in the previous post. I used to thumbnail everything back at school. But for the past 4 years, I've only thumbnailed about two percent of all my animations.

I'm making it a point these days to plan a bit more and get back into thumbnailin'.


Saul Ruiz said...

These are awesome TJ! Thanks for sharing them. It is crazy to hear that you didn't do much thumb nailing over the last few years. Man how do you do it? I pictured you thumb nailing things out like crazy. Are you using just reference and compiling certain actions together? Truly inspiring Tj...


The Pencil Box said...

Sup TJ,
These here thumbs remind me of that viral video kid swingin a mop all star wars like. This mad me laugh and then cry...and then laugh again. thanx man -wp

TJ Phan said...

Lol, the Star Wars Kid--that was classic, War! Almost as classic as your "Turd" post (Project Sasquatch!)

Saul, yeah, time contraints often forced me to "thumbnail" by posing straight in Maya. There have been periods when we had to finish 2-4 anims per day--sometimes, 200+ frames a day, out the door. I reference when I can and when it's called for. Roughly 33% of my anims are ref'd. By switching back and forth between ref-in' and just gung-ho'ing it straight in Maya, I find it keeps me on my toes.

As always, thanks for postin', Can't wait to see all of your anims from Animation Mentor!