Saturday, January 5, 2008

Firing It Up!

Hello everyone, I've finally decided to give this blog thing a shot!

I want to set this off with a tribute to Saturday morning cartoons--I'm talking about the good ones from back in the day! Shows like Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Thundarr the Barbarian, and Dungeons & Dragons, played a big part in what I'm doing today.

This piece was originally done a while back for a Wizard Magazine contest. Although I wasn't able to trick the judges into giving me a prize, it was still a lot of fun. (In case anyone's wondering who this is, it's Firestar from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends)

Finally, I wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who's been busy bloggin' these past years--all of your postings continue to inspire me!


nick said...

damn fool about time you do this, now i can feel depressed about my lack of artistic skills more often.

Gia said...

Very cool TJ, now let see some animation.

dyee said...

'Bout time! Can't wait to see more!