Monday, May 16, 2011

Tristan's Combat Reel for Dante's Inferno


My friend Tristan Sacramento finally posted his bad-ass combat anims for Dante's Inferno.

Check it out here:


love is not single player said...

This was cool, man. It would be cool if you helped fill up some drier spells on your blog with posts from your friends / other artists. Thanks

TJ Phan said...

Definitely. Haha--I was telling Tristan, "Cool, this will give me something to post since I've been laggin."

Darrin said...

Yeah nice reel.. Your turn!!!

Adam said...

That is awesome!

Is there an online guide anywhere which explains how to set up your equipment to record while you're playing?

TJ Phan said...

The device he used to capture is call the "Hauppauge HD PVR". You can find it on Amazon for around $180-ish.

I ended up buying one shortly after capturing my Dante's Inferno clips with a lower-end device (need to recapture one day with the Hauppauge).

Chris Palmer said...

Moooooooore posts!