Monday, June 8, 2009


If you have a PS3, buy this game!
  • Awesome character control. Incredible freedom of movement, esp. once you upgrade to the wire grind and power glide.
  • Great platforming moments.
  • I was never a fan of electricity powers...until this game! Satisfying powers and upgrades.
  • Pretty decent narrative (enough to keep me going).
  • Bottom line is the incredible feeling of being able to fluidly navigate through the city (something I was hoping Assassin's Creed would deliver...maybe in the second installment). In this game, I felt like I could grab onto anything that looked "grab-able".
  • 9+ rating in my book (haven't played one of those in a while).

Other honorable mentions that I've played recently:

Ninja Blade:
  • Didn't get the best reviews, but I dug it.
  • Play it for the ridiculously over the top quick-time events. I dug the boss battles too. Not a perfect game, but definitely entertaining (for me). Not for everyone (esp if you don't like quick-time events), but if you can enjoy some cheese sprinkled over some crazy action, give this game a go.
  • Definitely visceral. Repetive in some areas, but entertaining as a action slasher. Gotta love Wolvie's cyclone move and "psycho-crusher" drill (in the game).

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Michael Richard said...

So on your 9+ approval, I borrowed a copy and played it over the weekend. I was very disappointed in the cut scene game animations and some of the main characters anims, but what put a smile on my face was what you said... the game play was awesome.

I talked in a husky deep voice like batman, and jumped from building to building while going the "good" path. (k, maybe the woman was a bit scared at points... lol).

But I am glad I tried it out. The 20+ Dead drops, and 35+ shard pick ups might lend the game to bit a bit too long (which might make me not finish it, as I tend to like shorter games). But it's really fun.

But really... appalled at the in game anims... wow! lol! I also saw the main dude's arms IK popping all over the place when climbing poles and such. OH!! HAHA!! And the run! Holy crap on a stick, they all run so oddly.

But I will continue to play it for the game play aspect. I love dropping off building, making a big smash when I land. =)