Tuesday, November 4, 2008

LEC Lunch Crew (Done)

I think I'm going to call this done for now, even if I didn't get all six characters in. Sorry Eric--I'll have to add you in the next round!

Lately I've been wanting to try to draw in a more reductive and stylized fashion, but I always end up adding more lines and detail as I noodle. I then end up with something that's not pushed enough in terms of shapes, proportions, and gesture, but at the same time, not realistic enough in terms of lighting and rendering. I always seem to end up at an awkward place somewhere inbetween. Guess I'll just have to keep practicing.


DLam said...

DOPE!!! Wolverine looks tough haha

DLam said...

TJ, this is my new facebook picture, haha.

TJ Phan said...

Wolverine's tough alright--but the Hayabusa Ninja's cooler! Haha! (note to self...have to...get off sofa and start working out...)