Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Hansel and Gretel" Story Beats

We've recently lost a few comrades at work so I've been asked to help out with storyboards for our pre-vis animatics. An excuse to draw is always good, but since I haven't been drawing everyday, it's a bit intimidating, esp. with all the kick-ass concept artists we have here! *cough* Dela Longfish *cough*

Anyway, in the flavor of storyboards, I pulled up some (yet again) old work from school. The following story beats were done in conjunction with the Layout Apprenticeship in my previous post.

The idea behind these beat boards was to outline the entire story using only 10-15 drawings. At a glance we could check the pacing and make sure we're hitting all the plot points that we need to.

This is the final version.

Here's an alternate version.

Lastly, a side-by-side, in case you want to see the differences.


I'll throw the actual boards up in a later post.


Saul Ruiz said...

These are great Tj. It is sad to hear the news about your comrades i hope they all find a place to call home soon. Thanks for sharing the boards with us these are very inspirational to me. I love drawing and i love film and boards combines both aspects. I like seeing your thought process behind each panel. Thanks again.

PS Dela kicks ass.

Alina Chau said...

cute storyboard

TJ Phan said...

Thanks Saul. And yes, Dela's an art pimp!

Thanks Alina.