Saturday, May 10, 2008

Prince of Persia Music Videos

Here's a duet featuring the Prince and Lara using clips from the games. I hope I'm not the only one who finds this amusing:)

-----Unless otherwise noted, YouTube videos that I'll occasionally post are ones that I've found through a bit of surfin'. Just wanted to make sure credit goes to the folks that created them:)


I dig this song--it's the one that plays during the ending credits in Sands of Time. The clips in the video are from all 3 games. Hopefully it'll give you a better idea for the flavor of the series.


Lion Lotek said...

Watching this makes me remember how great the PoP SoT story was. The ending was so cool. I never played the follow up games, how were they?

TJ Phan said...

Thomas, what's up man!

I'd say the first was the tightest package overall. The second one is a lot darker and expands quite a bit on the combat system. There were some complaints about too much backtracking in this one (I didn't mind it too much). The third one added yet more platforming and combat features, which are all pretty satisfying. Most notable was the stealth-kill mechanic. You could also play as the Prince's alter ego.

I'd rate them in this order:

1. Sands of Time
2. The Two Thrones
3. Warrior Within

I like them all, but you know me--I'm an action game junkie. I love their style as well. Plus...I secretly wish I could Parkour!