Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Timing Tools

Here are a few hotkeys that may help make timing tweaks a bit easier, esp. when you're working on a scene that has 1000+ frames.

First off, in case anyone's not familiar with how to set up a hotkey, here's how:

Scroll down to the User category --> Click New --> Type in the Name, the Description, and the Command --> Click Accept --> Assign New Hotkey --> Save


Now for the hotkeys...

Skooch_Left, Skooch_Right

To use--select a key or multiple keys in the Dope Sheet or Graph Editor, then hit the arrow keys to shift those keys left or right.

Note: You could also just type in "+=(any value)" or "-=(any value)" either in the channel box or the Graph Editor to shift key(s) any specific amount. In addition to adjusting the timing of keys, you could use this trick to adjust transform values of keys as well.

Ripple_Left, Ripple_Right

To use --> Find a spot in the timeslider where you want to add or subtract frames. Hit Ctrl + arrow to shift all keys after that point left or right.


Unknown said...

Awesome TJ... Thanks so much for these great hot keys.. the ripple hot key is awesome! Thanks buddy!

Oz Gani said...

Perfect timing for this post! This is gonna help with work for the next couple of weeks. Gracias amigo.

Ratul Sarna said...

Hey TJ!
Awesome tip....really handy...
keep 'em coming...!

TJ Phan said...

Cool. Glad you guys found them useful. I had to work on a sequence with 1600 frames last week--those hotkeys definitely helped to speed things along.